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Hello my name is Mark and I am the owner of Winner Resume.
Like many of you I was looking for a job and always found it so hard in finding a job.
I had many factors stacked up against me. The competition and answering well at interviews.
After researching I found a way to make my resume stand out and I learnt from experience and listening to public speakers and coaching how and what to do at an interview.
I made it one of my goals to give this knowledge to all my clients so that they did not have to go through all the stress and trauma in finding a job

The competition is fierce. Why? Many people going for that one position and guess what most of them are not even qualified for the job. These days it’s so easy to apply online, you just upload your resume for a position and you are in the race. The future employer at the other end has to read all the applications, relevant and the non-relevant ones. What do you think would happen when he sees a long laborious resume? They send you that automated email saying something along the lines “after long consideration we will not be going ahead with your application” How awful is it when you receive that in your email inbox?


We undertake a friendly personalised approach providing basic skills and awareness relating to individual and group interview scenarios. For example, we discuss frequently asked questions and subsequent appropriate responses – “what to say, and what not to say”.

Searching for the right job position can be daunting and disheartening. Therefore, at Winner Resumes we also offer some speedy and effective tips on how to search and apply for that winning position.

With the right job target, an impressive resume and refined interview skills
the candidate is in a position to conduct his or herself in a confident and professional manner.

What I provide in the package is 1 Resume, 2 Cover letters and Interview Technique all for the price of a resume.I will give you a free obligation quote on your new or updated resume. I provide face to face interview for Sydney clients and skype interviews for interstate or rural places. Most resume writers do not provide face to face and they do not provide Interview Technique and that is what makes Winner Resumes stand out amongst everyone else.