Professional CV Writers Sydney
Why do I need a professional resume?
In these days when a position is advertised many people apply for the job. What is different from the past is that now it’s so easy to apply online that people upload their resume even if they do not have the qualifications and experience for that job. The future employer gets bombarded with applicants resume and therefore their time to determine if you are a candidate for an interview is diminished. You only have 1 minute if that to make a quick effective impression to your future employer. Your resume has to be easy to read, straight to the point and it has to stand out above the rest. Some employers and recruitment agencies use electronic devices to scan your resume to see if you are the ideal candidate for an interview, that is how much time you are given. Therefore, you need a professional resume to make sure it has the effective words so when your resume is scanned it gets picked up and selected.
I am not in the Sydney area?
I service Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart, Darwin, Adelaide, Perth and all rural areas. We can still do a face to face interview via Skype or Facetime so it will be like I am there next to you. If you do not have either we can do a telephone conversation.
Why is a face to face meeting important?
Face to face interviews are important because you have a personalised service. Also from my past experiences clients feel more at ease and they can tell me their professional history in a more relaxed free flowing way.
What kind of resume will I be receiving?
I write resumes for people from all different professional backgrounds. Therefore, you will be receiving a resume that is simple, easy to read and straight to the point. Remember you have only 1 minute to impress your future employer.
How do I promote myself with a resume?
A resume is a tool that has to promote you and make you stand out above the rest. It has to show your future employer that you are the right person for the job. It has to clearly specify your technical skills, your key strengths and key skills. Also it has to your future employer shortlist you for a job interview.
Google has templates to download for a resume aren’t they just as good?
As the name suggests they are templates which you have to fill in. They are not tailored to you but rather tailored to the general public and that is where the problem lies.
What is the main purpose of the resume?
It is a document to get you a job interview.
What makes Winner Resumes different from other resume writers?
I provide face to face which most resume writers don’t. Also I provide Interview technique which will help you answer those difficult questions and greatly improve your chances of getting a job.
What to do if I don't have a resume at all?
I will start your resume from scratch and I will gather your information as we go through the interview.
What if I already have a resume?
I will reformat your resume so it is in a current standard which is easy to understand and follow for your future employer.
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