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Interview Technique

Interview technique is very important at a job interview.

This is where the job is won or lost. Lots of people think that having a great resume will get you the job. The answer to that is no! Having a great resume improves the probability of getting a job interview. The rest is up to you.

Having refined interview skills puts you is in a position to conduct yourself in a confident and professional manner. The way you present, your posture and the way people perceive is going to be a major factor in the outcome of the interview

I discuss frequently asked questions and subsequent appropriate responses – “what to say, and what not to say”. I create interview scenarios so you can learn and practice. The key to interview technique is practicing and rehearsing. You have to get to a point where interviews are not daunting anymore and that you are in command of the situation.


What I provide is the resume and interview technique for the same price of a resume. My competitors just do resumes and charge you extra for Interview Technique. Therefore you are getting two services for the price of one. You cannot lose!

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