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An Australian Resume

A Cover letter to be used when there is an advertised position

A Prospective cover letter to be used when there is accompany that you want to apply for and the company has not advertised any positions

A Thank you letter. A letter that you send to your future employer after you have had your interview. And

What I supply more than the usual Professional Resume writer on the market? For the same price that you pay for your resume to be written up I include in the cost Interview Technique!

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After we have gone through your resume and you are happy with it, I will teach you interview technique. Interview Technique is so important because at this stage is where you land the job and not at the resume stage. Please remember the Resume is a non-legal document that informs your future employer whether to interview you.

Your resume can be written by the best resume writer in the world but if your interview technique is poor you do not get the job! It’s that simple!

I will teach you posture, and the non-verbal skills, and how to answer those difficult questions that will increase your chances of getting that job.

You will have the edge that another candidate will not have.

Some resume writers have this as one of their features and you have to pay extra for this service. Instead Winner Resumes gives you the complete package of the Resume, 2 cover letters , a thank you letter and Interview Technique for the price of a resume on its own.

That is the added feature that Winner Resumes has above the other Resume writers you get all these features for the affordable price of a resume.

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